Ilayda braucht Dich! JETZT!

Eine Chance hat Ilayda jetzt noch – und um diese Chance warzunehmen braucht Sie Dich!

Hier erfährst Du alles über den aktuellen Stand der Therapie und den aktuellen Spendenstand.


Leukemia - what is that?

Leukemia – What is it all about? Only in a few cases, people need to ever worry about this. Why should they – you might be wondering – I’m not affected. That may be true, perhaps, but there are people, children who have been affected and it is very close to their heart if you deal with the issue. We try to provide a little insight here.


On our pages Ilayda wants to share with you her experiences, her fights, but also her courage and hopes that you will support her in her struggle. Take a few minutes to read about the disease and its course. The logo has been created as per Ilayda’s request.

Ilayda means:

  • the waterfairy
  • the tear of an angel
  • Rain droplets in paradise
  • Mermaid
Ilayda Klinik
Ilayda - Wir brauchen Hilfe

Only about 30% of all patients who need a stem cell donation, find a suitable donor in their own family circle.

So far, a total of 26.6 million donors are registered worldwide.


With each registration the chance increases to heal those affected…